Scope of Papers

Papers in the conference must describe original research. Topics of interest include basic theories, principles and techniques of artificial intelligence as well as their applications on fashion and textiles including, but not limited to:


AI Techniques

  • Big data capture, representation, and analytics
  • Neural networks
  • Computer human interaction
  • Pattern Recognition: detection, classification, indexing
  • Computer Vision
  • Segmentation, grouping and shape representation
  • Multidisciplinary AI
  • Image processing and retrieval
  • Search and optimization
  • Deep learning
  • Evolutionary computation
  • Web/Social media mining


  • Textile and apparel supply chain modeling
  • Smart textile and apparel
  • Textile material defect detection
  • Wearable devices
  • Textile material color measurement
  • Fashion recommendation and evaluation
  • Internet of things
  • Fashion understanding and design
  • Inventory planning and control
  • Fashion sales forecasting
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Retail sales replenishment
  • Production line-balancing
  • 3D image modeling for fitting
  • Intelligent decision systems
  • Clothing image retrieval and parsing