Final Programme
Accepted papers are listed below, detailed rundown will be announced soon.

Full Paper

  University / Organisation Paper Title (EN)
1 University of Petroleum A context-based multi-scale discriminant model for natural image inpainting
2 Donghua University High-resolution Tiled Clothes Generation From AModel
3 Ycloset Limited Learn Fashion Collocation with Image Detection and Retrieval
4 Donghua University PCD-YOLOV3: Pedestrian clothing detection based on YOLOV3
5 Donghua University Online try-on: GANs and TPS
6 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Feature Norm-based Deep Network for Multi-domain Fashion Image Retrieval
7 Donghua University The Construction and Application of Fashion and Wearing Knowledge Graph
8 Dalian Polytechnic University; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Design and Evaluation of Somatosensory Hat: An Emotional Semantic Perspective
9 The Hong Kong Polytechnic Unversity A Multi-Task Model for Multi-Attribute Fashion Recognition and Retrieval
10 Shanghai University A review on the development and current status of intelligent garment research
11 Bangladesh PVT. LTD. Color-Shade Detection of Fabrics Using K-Means Clustering & Sorting Accordingly
12 Donghua University Automatic classification of garment illustration based on inception
13 Sichuan University Sustainable Textile and Apparel Enterprise Supplier Selection Research
14 MIMOS Berhad Comparative Study of Selenium Automation Testing Tools: Katalon Studio Vs Robot Framework
15 National University of Defense Technology; State Key Laboratory for Space Weather, National Space Science Center, Chinese How to Transfer Strided Data into Accelerator
16 Donghua University Development of Personalized Female Trousers Pattern Based on Three-dimensional Measurement
17 Shih Chien University Data generating digital garments using low cost sensors
18 Research Center of Textile Nanofiber, Beijing;Library of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing Emotional Perception-based Fabric Image Emotional Semantic Database System
19 South China Agricultural University;Shenzhen University Jointly Linear Embedding via L2,1-norm for Dimensionality Reduction
20 Tianjin Polytechnic University Study of Figure Recognition Based on Naive Bayes Algorithm
21 University of
Defense Technology
Customizing FFT with FMA for China Accelerator
22 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Finite element-based machine learning method to predict breast displacement during running
23 Jiangsu Ocean University;China University of Mining and Technology;Nanjing University of Science and Technology Single image super-resolution with robust matrix regression
24 Donghua University Keypoints detection in clothing with Cascaded Pyramid Network
25 Donghua University A Method of Metal Button Defect Detection Based on Extreme Learning Machine and Sparse Representation
26 Guangdong University of Technology Locality Preserving Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
27 South
China Agricultural University, Guangzhou
 Textile Defect Detection and Classification based on Convolutional Neural Network and SVM
28 Taikang Insurance Group, Beijing China A new Method Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection and Classification
29 Donghua University The Image Segmentation of Draped Fabric Based on Deep Learning
30 Donghua University Multi-Class Object Learning with Application to Fabric Defects Detection
31 Wuhan Textile University Fabric Modeling Based on Riemann Zero Curvature
32 Donghua University; Tianjin University of Finance and Economics; Nankai University; Sun Yat-sen University Detection and classification of Fabric Defect Based on Deep
33 Jiangnan University  Fabric defect detection with scale-based adaptive local contrast method
34 Fuzhou University A Fabric Defect Detection Method Based on SSD
35 Xian Polytechnic University Real-time fabric defect segmentation based on convolutional neural network_
36 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;  Shenzhen University Computer Vision-Based Color Sorting for Waste Textile Recycling
37 Shenzhen University; The Hong Kong Polytechnic Unversity Fabric Defect Detection and Classification Employing Deep Convolution Neural Network
38 Shenzhen University Symmetrical Robust Canonical Correlation Analysis for Image Classification
39 Shenzhen University Textile Fabric Defect Detection Based on Improved Faster R-CNN
40 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Fabric Defect Classification based on Deep Hashing Learning
41 Shanghai University Clothing Color Collocation with Deep Neural Networks


  University / Organisation Paper Title (EN)
1 Donghua University Fabrication and Characterization of a Coated Conductive Yarn for Stretchable Sensors
2 Minjiang University Women's Dress Design Based on Concept Dress Element
3 Seoul National University A Deep Learning based Architecture for Personal A.I. Fashion Stylist Services
4 Fudan University Automatic Fabric Defect Detection by Neural Architecture Search
5 Fudan University Automatic Fabric Defect Detection System based on Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
6 Xian Jiaotong University Anthropometric body modeling and size-measurement based on RGBD camera
7 Tianjin Polytechinc University N-TiO2 for efficiency photodegradation of cationic golden yellow X-GL dye under simulated sunlight
8 Sichuan University A review on multi-objective metaheuristics for discrete optimization problems
9 National Textile University Development of electrical conductive filament yarn for SMART Textile Applications